The Your Home Decluttered Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package includes:

  • Your Home Decluttered Workbook with 29 pages to guide you and keep you on track during the decluttering process.
  • Your Home Decluttered Journal with 26 pages that will help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings throughout the process. There are pages to create before and afters of every room in your home. You'll also have the opportunity to reflect on your habits and realizations.
  • Master Your Mindset Training will get you mentally prepared to tackle your clutter. You'll explore your beliefs about decluttering and learn how to avoid common mistakes. You'll also discover new ways to get motivated!
  • Master Your Mindset Worksheets to write your responses to the training topics to help you remember what you've learned.
  • Stopping the Cycle Training will help you keep your home clutter-free after you've done all the hard work of decluttering. Learn how to have lasting change in your home!
  • Stopping the Cycle Worksheets to write down what you learn through the training & create your own unique action plan. 

You'll also get the Simple Living Printable Deluxe Pack including 12 beautiful printables you can hang up in your home. Plus 3 extra pages with the designs smaller for portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format are these products?

The workbook, journal, and bonus printables are all PDF's so you can download them and print as much as you want. We just ask that you don't share them with others. They are intentionally designed to be printer ink friendly. The trainings are in a course format that includes a few brief videos but is mostly written instruction.

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature of these bundles, refunds are not offered. 

Please note all products sold by The Simplicity Habit are digital. We do not sell or ship physical products.

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